Trust Center

The Live Compliance Trust Center, provides transparency and assurance about our clients’ commitment to privacy and security.

When you see the Live Compliance badge, you can trust that the organization is actively managing and monitoring their compliance program.

By clicking on the badge, you are brought here to verify the client’s compliance status, view key compliance objectives, and see ongoing monitoring efforts. This not only builds trust but also highlights the organization’s dedication to maintaining a robust compliance posture. 


  • HIPAA Compliance

Verification of Badge Displayed

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Satisfactory Assurances of Compliance Controls

Satisfactory assurance is a cornerstone of ensuring that all entities handling Personal or Protected Information uphold the highest standards of privacy and security. For organizations committed to safeguarding PHI, demonstrating these controls is not just about regulatory compliance—it’s about building trust and fostering a culture of accountability and transparency.

The importance of our Trust Center cannot be overstated. It provides stakeholders with assurance that we are committed to protecting information and maintaining the integrity and confidentiality. This transparency not only enhances our reputation but also builds confidence among patients, partners, and regulators that we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security.

Our Trust Center profile embodies this commitment by providing a clear, comprehensive framework for how we protect sensitive information. It serves as a central point for showcasing our rigorous controls and measures, as outlined below:

Access control procedures established

The company's access control policy documents the requirements for the following access control functions:

  • adding new users;
  • modifying users; and/or
  • removing an existing user's access.

Access revoked upon termination

The company completes termination checklists to ensure that access is revoked for terminated employees within SLAs.