Maintaining your HIPAA Compliance just got a whole lot easier.


Live Compliance provides you the compliancy program covering all areas required to becoming and remaining HIPAA Compliant.

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Your Live Compliance Online Portal is the key central point used to manage and organize all aspects of your organizations compliance.

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We are here to support & guide your organization through all areas necessary to comply with the current requirements.

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Required Risk Assessment

We perform your Risk Assessment
We create your Corrective Action Plan (CAP)
We provide your Remediation and Security Recommendations
Executive reporting to work with and discuss with leadership
Meet Meaningful Use (MU) requirements

HIPAA Privacy and Security Training

We train your workforce
We train your security officers
Custom training that train on Your Policies and Procedures
HIPAA training for all employee roles
Training includes exam

HIPAA Policies and Procedures

We create all of your organizations policies and procedures
Employees have up to date access to policies and procedures through the included staff portal
Easy online guidance and video tutorials
Call us, we are glad to answer all of your questions
Covers Administrative, Security, Privacy and Physical safeguards

Business Associates

Send business associate agreements to be
electronically signed
Track business associate agreements
Send satisfactory assurance of HIPAA compliance
to your BA’s
Track satisfactory assurance documentation for your BA’s

Easy to use portal features and tools

Easily track hardware (laptops, USB devices, iPads)
Assign action members to your procedures so everyone knows their responsibilities
Employee termination checklist with action steps
Employee hiring checklist
Business Associate hiring checklist
Complete HIPAA document templates, including Notice of Privacy Practice, Confidentiality agreements

Help when you need us

US based support for your compliance questions
Your Partner -We’re happy to help… Call us
Live Compliance is the full service, industry leading compliance solution
100% owned and operated in the USA

Covered Entities and Business Associates

Designed for Covered Entities (Physicians, Hospitals, Ambulatory practices)
Created for Business Associates and Subcontractors (MSP, IT Companies, Billing Companies)
Easily share responsibilities throughout your organization
Receive notifications of any deficiencies before they become a problem

Making HIPAA Easier for You

First the Program - Live Compliance provides the compliancy program covering your policies and procedures, documentation, and all other requirements to becoming and remaining HIPAA Compliant.

Next the Portal - Your Live Compliance Online Portal is the key central point used to manage and organize all aspects of your organizations compliance requirements.

Lastly your Partner - We are here to guide your organization through all areas necessary to comply with the current requirements and inform you of future mandates.

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We allow You to forget about HIPAA, without actually forgetting about HIPAA.

With todays high-tech healthcare requirements, high cost of hiring a full-time compliance officer and mandatory complex HIPAA requirements - Zealous Care makes maintaining your organizations compliance goals achievable.

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